The money vs. happiness debate

New workplace comes with a new view.
New workplace comes with a new view.

A couple weeks ago, I was essentially offered my dream job/internship. But there is a catch: the pay and the fact it’s part-time. Continue reading

Stay-cation in St. Paul, Minnesota

As I am on the quest to find the next step in my career journey, I have been working as a full-time nanny to keep the funds from running dry. The family I work for is great, and live along Grand Avenue in St. Paul. So when they asked me to house/dog-sit for them while they were on vacation, I couldn’t help but get excited.  Continue reading

Reflecting on my Blugold experience

December 20th, 2014. With my biggest support system of ma and pa by my side.
December 20th, 2014. Graduated with my biggest support system of ma and pa by my side.

I graduated in December 2014, so it might not be entirely accurate to call myself a recent graduate anymore. However, it is just now beginning to sink in. The internship I worked at during my last semester of college hired me for a temporary position. Now that has ended and I am restarting the job search and living in a new city, I cannot help but wonder if those 4.5 years were enough to prepare me for where I am now. Here are some little conclusions I drew from my post-grad life. Continue reading