Finding simple joys in the new normal

Work from home fashion at its finest.

It’s April 2020. By now, all we know is protecting ourselves and others from coronavirus and quarantine life. It’s been tough to remember what “normal life” was like anymore. Continue reading

Reflecting on my Blugold experience

December 20th, 2014. With my biggest support system of ma and pa by my side.
December 20th, 2014. Graduated with my biggest support system of ma and pa by my side.

I graduated in December 2014, so it might not be entirely accurate to call myself a recent graduate anymore. However, it is just now beginning to sink in. The internship I worked at during my last semester of college hired me for a temporary position. Now that has ended and I am restarting the job search and living in a new city, I cannot help but wonder if those 4.5 years were enough to prepare me for where I am now. Here are some little conclusions I drew from my post-grad life. Continue reading

Little Baby Steps

It was something I debated for a while. I told myself this past summer that when I graduate from college in December, I will chop my hair off as a symbol of crossing over into the adult world. I wanted to break away from carefree college years and behave more like a grown-up.

Thank heavens for VSCOcam filters.
Thank heavens for VSCOcam filters.

I have this curse of looking years younger than I really am, so as someone who is currently on the job hunt, I wanted potential employers to take me more seriously. Continue reading