Finding simple joys in the new normal

Work from home fashion at its finest.

It’s April 2020. By now, all we know is protecting ourselves and others from coronavirus and quarantine life. It’s been tough to remember what “normal life” was like anymore. If you’re like me, you’re overwhelmed by everyone sharing their “WFH tips” and self-care gurus bombarding you with their advice. I’ve accepted that we’re all grieving and every day will feel different for us all. As this past month, which has also felt like an eternity, flew by, here are the little joys that have brought me solace in the age of uncertainty.

  1. Quality cat time. Anyone who has pets knows that time spent with your animals is never time wasted. Nothing has brought me more comfort more than my two cat children during this time.
  2. Better skin. My face has thanked me in more ways than one for the lack of makeup I’ve worn this past month.
  3. WFH fashion. Let’s just say lots of leggings were purchased.
  4. Fresh, new, clean pair of pajamas. Changing from my day pajamas to my night pajamas has become the best feeling.
  5. Cooking and trying new food. With limited trips to the grocery store–and limited options from there–it’s forced me to get creative with my meals and try new things.

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