The money vs. happiness debate

New workplace comes with a new view.
New workplace comes with a new view.

A couple weeks ago, I was essentially offered my dream job/internship. But there is a catch: the pay and the fact it’s part-time.

I did also interview for a full-time position. Both positions were for copy editing. I would be writing and editing, which is what I want to do. However, that would be the extent of my job.

This internship would teach me more. Not only would I be able to write and pitch my own story ideas, I would have the chance to develop new skills. The environment truly played a part in my decision as well. My first time walking into the office, and I felt as if I was already an employee, because it was so welcoming.

My psychology capstone course during my undergrad required me to read articles on the topic of money vs. happiness. The statistics in each article revealed that having more money does not necessarily correlate with more satisfaction in life. That was a class lecture which truly stuck with me. And because of that, the decision was simple.

I officially begin doing what I love again next week and I could not be more excited.

I am on the right track to finding a full-time position in what I have always wanted to do. I also believe this stubbornness shows just how unwilling I am to settle for a job. If you ever see me working for a company, you can guarantee I genuinely want to be there.

No, this isn’t ideal. But hey, Chandler Bing and Marshall Erickson once left full-time jobs in pursuit of an internship that led them to their dreams. They turned out great! Sometimes, that’s just how life works out for some people.

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