Reflecting on my Blugold experience

December 20th, 2014. With my biggest support system of ma and pa by my side.
December 20th, 2014. Graduated with my biggest support system of ma and pa by my side.

I graduated in December 2014, so it might not be entirely accurate to call myself a recent graduate anymore. However, it is just now beginning to sink in. The internship I worked at during my last semester of college hired me for a temporary position. Now that has ended and I am restarting the job search and living in a new city, I cannot help but wonder if those 4.5 years were enough to prepare me for where I am now. Here are some little conclusions I drew from my post-grad life.

What I would change

  • Study abroad: I was warned I would regret this. And boy, do I. For someone who loves travel as much as I do, it is ironic I didn’t take advantage of that opportunity. I went on a two week mini-study abroad program to Japan when I was 14 and it’s still one of the best experiences of my life. I was worried I would miss out on the college experience and thought I would save money. Knowing what I know now, that extra debt would have been worth it.
  • Kept my journalism major: Once you graduate, you learn the title of your degree does not dictate where you end up, however every journalism course I took, sharpened my writing skills like no other. I could have easily done PR with my journalism degree, but it isn’t as simple the other way around.
  • Double majored: Again, I understand the title of your degree, or even having a second one does not dictate your career path. However, I learned so much from my psychology courses, that having a minor was not enough for me. The skills I gained from psychology are not directly related to my field of work, but very transferable. Some of the psych classes I have taken completely altered the way I view the world and I am a better person because of it.
  • Kept working for the school paper: I learned so much in my one semester being on the newspaper staff. The environment was great and there isn’t a single negative thought regarding the experience. As I took a heavier course load and joined more activities, something had to go. Though I wish I would have re-evaluated those priorities.

What I would keep the same

  • Being a college athlete: I didn’t qualify for nationals, or conference even. But running was more to me. I spent cross country and track competing with myself, which taught me motivation, persistence, setting goals and the true meaning of teamwork. Running is a huge part of my identity, and because of that, I have no idea how I would have functioned without this commitment on my plate.
  • Graduating in 4.5 years: It was perfect. Not too short, yet not too long. I had more time to build experiences and network, which we all know you cannot have enough of. Since my job out of college was right on campus, I also was able to continue living the college lifestyle, without actually having to be in college.
  • Internships: Each internship I had is held dear in my heart. The skills I acquired from each of those positions are what ultimately pushed me to where I am today. I am thankful to be able to maintain relationships with co-workers and supervisors from working for those places and proud to put those down on my resume.
If you were to tell me or my former college roommate here, where we would be six months later, I probably would have laughed.
If you were to tell me or my former college roommate here, where we would be only six months later, I probably would have laughed.

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