“Phase One” of adult life starts now

My last blog post was in February when I chopped my hair off. Goodness, it’s June now. I took a hiatus because I was ashamed. Frustrated. Annoyed, embarrassed, just feeling asldkfjiwdof. I am not even sure what that means or says either, but that would be the best way to describe my emotions the past few months.

To sum up college, I began the journey declared a print journalism student. I randomly switched to psychology because I lacked confidence and did not think I could be a great writer. I considered working in mental health. That lasted for a semester and I decided to go back to the world of communication with a public relations emphasis. Many journalists convert to PR, so that made sense to me. I would still get to write while having more options. However, once working in PR, I missed journalism and wanted to go back. Once you go PR, can you go back?

I graduated this past December certain PR was what I was born to do. It intimidated me, but I appreciated the challenge. I made it my goal to get an internship at an agency, and work my way up to an account executive. I was determined to become the next Samantha Jones. I spent five months networking, interviewing and applying to different firms all over the country. But something still didn’t feel quite right.

Others would ask me why PR and it was instinct to reply “because I love to write. I used to be a journalist.”

It was a combination of different people asking “why not just go into journalism?” and asking me to edit their papers. The final straw was my best friend reading my work and flat out telling me I needed to pursue writing again.

Just like that, I threw everything up into the air and researched copywriting and editorial positions. It felt natural. That was how it was supposed to be. I realized I was forcing myself to be this person I wasn’t and that was why I struggled.

Unfortunately, this epiphany occurred to me a bit later then I would have liked. I loved that I had a temporary position for the spring in order to take off after graduation to figure it out. Instead of having it all figured out, I am back to square one.

So cheers to starting a new life in the adult world. Still confused. I ventured off to live in the Twin Cities to be closer to my connections and build a network. The biggest lesson you learn after graduating is you are never finished learning and you will never have it “figured out.”

My life currently consists of restarting the networking process and joining different organizations to get more experience. I still love and appreciate the field of public relations and if a position is with a brand or agency I can identify with, then I am more than happy to continue work in PR. There is just some more growing I need to do. Let the adventure of acquiring additional experience and finding myself continue.

lowes creek

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