Little Baby Steps

It was something I debated for a while. I told myself this past summer that when I graduate from college in December, I will chop my hair off as a symbol of crossing over into the adult world. I wanted to break away from carefree college years and behave more like a grown-up.

Thank heavens for VSCOcam filters.
Thank heavens for VSCOcam filters.

I have this curse of looking years younger than I really am, so as someone who is currently on the job hunt, I wanted potential employers to take me more seriously.

Two years ago, I spontaneously cut my hair short in a dramatic attempt to get over a break-up. I tried to become this “new person” people would see as more adventurous and easy-going.

I found shorter hair forces you to carry yourself with more confidence. It’s easier to hide behind long hair. Easier to style it as well. Though when your hair is five inches, there is not much you can do. You have to make most of what you have and embrace it. Which let’s face it, happens a lot with life. So here was a start for preparation.

Two months ago, I began searching for jobs in cities all over the country. How could I ever make such a big jump when I was too chicken to get a haircut? That was my logical thought process of the topic. I told myself to just bite the bullet and do it. Stop making such a big deal. Stop telling others I would fulfill these great commitments to not follow through. To be more fearless and confident because I knew I would regret it if I didn’t.

And that was the final push to get me into the salon chair. Now the deed is done, I feel more like myself than I have before. For the first time, I was able to donate my hair to Locks of Love. I got to be selfless in my selfish act of finding myself. Shortly after, I found myself submitting resumes to places in New York, Miami, Minneapolis, Washington D.C. and Chicago! Little baby steps were all I needed.

2 thoughts on “Little Baby Steps

  1. Love love love this post. Isn’t it amazing how one brave step can lead to even bigger better things. Chanel said, “a woman with the courage to change her hair, has the courage to change the world.” You’re on your way. Cheers to you!!!

  2. Girl!!
    You’re fearless!!
    it’s something that will make you always special! I’m loving the way of your thinking 🙂 and never give up on what you love ❤
    Kisses !

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